Pocket PC Themes

Here you can download the latest versions of our products. All programs are packed as ZIP or self-extracting ZIP archives.

Try it on your PDA for FREE, and decide if you like it. The unregistered versions will remain fully functional and fully featured for the trial period, usually fifteen days. To continue using the program after that, you will have to register it. A registration key can be acquired here.

All our titles at this moment are eligible for FREE lifetime update. Your registration key depends only on PDA Owner Name and will never expire.

Product description Version Size Link
True Toolbar 2.7.2 79 KB Download
System Monitor Pro 2.2 101 KB Download
System Monitor 2.2 101 KB Download
Space Reclaimer 2.5.4 56 KB Download
Pocket 3D Blocks 2.2 199 KB Download
Pocket 3D Blocks for BE-300 2.1 121 KB Download
Index.dat Viewer (free) 1.2 32 KB Download

CAB files and old versions can be found here: