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Space Reclaimertm v2.5.4

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"In summary, this is a very useful utility. It’s lightweight and performs its tasks extremely quickly." - Pocket PC Life.

"...a product that dispenses with detritus, clears away the cookie crumbs, and takes out the temp-trash is practically priceless. In short, Space Reclaimer kicks butt." - DingBat Magazine.


 Every time you use your PDA it gets littered with file fragments and debris you can't see. Temporary files are created by almost every application and unfortunately not every one of them takes care of removing this garbage. As a result, over time, valuable space on your device is wasted; keeping an increasing number of unwanted and useless files. The amount of generated garbage greatly depends on installed applications and your pattern of activity and may vary with time.

Besides of wasted space, all of this garbage also slows down your whole system. Your PDA looses performance in searching for important information in the piles of garbage. Increased workload is also required for managing and sharing system resources among the loaded applications.

Last, but not least is privacy. All the sites you visited and images you saw are stored on your device. Temporary files, cookies, and history archives keep track of your activity, your habits, your interests. The fragments of documents, pictures, sounds, history of your browsing may contain sensitive information which you, obviously do not want to share with others even by an accident.

Available options to resolve these problems.

  1. Soft reset: Closes all opened applications, but all temporary files and storage will remain untouched.
  2. Hard reset: You will get a fresh new system without any trace of garbage, but all of your data should be backed up and restored, all of your applications should be reinstalled.
  3. Manually clean up all directories: Time consuming and risky activity. Definitely with the pocket devices this is not the best way, rather the temporary emergency approach.
  4. Use specially developed software to perform this routine work. Our utility Space Reclaimertm is designed exactly to automate this procedure!


  • Delete junk, obsolete files and folders, safely scan and remove many different garbage files on your device, freeing up extra space and keeping your system at peak performance.
  • Protect your privacy by clearing cache, cookies, browser history, system and non-Windows temporary files.
  • Speed up system performance: Space Reclaimertm seeks out all system garbage and cleans it up reliably and safely, closes inactive applications, streamlines and optimizes your system.

Features and scanned folders

  • Windows Temp folder - default Windows temporary folder.
  • My temporary folder 1 and 2 - any two additional folders of your choice. Use it as a your own recycle bin. Practice shows that this is a more secure way than to remove files permanently by single tap.
  • IE cache - Internet Explorer cache folders.
  • IE history folder - Internet Explorer history folders.
  • IE cookies - Internet Explorer cookies..
  • IE addresses history (registry) - Internet Explorer addresses history.
  • Dead registry keys - when you install/uninstall any application on your Pocket PC, at the registry system keeps history of every application. Space Reclaimertm will check out whether applications are still installed on your Pocket PC and delete all obsolete records.
  • Dead Application Manager files - Application Manager cache folder. Space Reclaimertm deletes only files which belong to uninstalled applications.
  • Dead shortcuts - Space Reclaimertm will scan folders Start Menu and StartUp folder including all their subfolders for dead shortcuts.
  • Index.dat files could be scheduled to be cleaned at soft reset. To be accessible during soft reset program should be installed into main memory.
  • Stop running programs - all running programs will be stopped and unloaded from memory.
  • Space Reclaimertm could be configured to run silently at startup.
  • Soft Reset and Power Off for your convenience.
  • Detailed report of cleaning with a statistics and amount of available storage memory is produced.
  • You may specify to remove only files that are older then a certain number of days.
  • Space Reclaimertm is safe and fully configurable for your needs. Every option could by switched ON and OFF. Embedded help with more details could be find here.
  • FREE lifetime update for all registered customers.
  • This application is formally certified as "Designed for Microsoft Windows for Pocket PC". The Designed for Windows Logo is awarded to products that provide the best experience for Windows Powered Pocket PC and Smartphone. Products that carry the Designed for Windows Logo have been certified and tested against Microsoft's quality standards for Windows Powered mobile devices.


Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 2003, Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC 2000(ARM).


  • Try it on your PDA for FREE, and decide if you like it. The unregistered version will remain fully featured and fully functional for fifteen days starting from the first day it's run. To continue using the program after that, you will have to register it.

From the Developers.

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