Pocket PC 2002 Themes
Screen Capture Utility v1.3

The Screen Capture Utility is designed to make the screen snapshots for mobile devices with Windows CE. The captured screen is saved to \My Documents folder as a standard Windows BMP file.


  • Program supports capturing of hi-resolution (192dpi) Pocket PC VGA screens. For these devices the program bypasses the Windows 320x240 screen emulator and the resulting screen capture files will always have a correct size of 640x480 pixels.
  • Utility takes only 14K of storage space on your PDA. It is unloaded from the memory after every screenshot is stored.
  • Program does not have any user interface and should be activated by mapping any software/hardware button. It allows to capture full screen images.
  • Very fast and easy to use.

Installation and usage

After standard installation of the program on you device you need to assign a hardware button to the program that you desire to use as a snapshot trigger. For that tap Start > Settings > Buttons and choose a button to assign the program. From the button assignment screen select ValkSoft Screen Capture and tap OK. This procedure may by slightly different for various devices, please refer to your user's guide for details.

For every press of the assigned button, the screen image will be saved to \My Documents folder with the name scr_NNNN.bmp (with NNNN being the number of the snapshot). The number of saved images is limited only by the available space on your device.

From the Developers

Thanks for interests in our software. You might be interested to check out the new version of our popular True Toolbar task manager. This is desktop style toolbar, multiple windows launcher, and task manager. Screen Capture capability is integrated in this application!