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Pocket 3D Blocks v2.2

Enjoy this 3D version of classic block dropping game.
Are you smart and fast? - Challenge yourself!


Whether you are searching for a few quiet minutes of play or for a challenging hectic game, Pocket 3D Blockstm is the game for you. Game difficulty ranges from serene easy levels to lightning fast expert gameplay. If you've ever enjoyed the classical DOS "Blockout", Pocket 3D Blockstm is the game for you!


  • Varying block complexity: from simple flat blocks to twisted 3D figures. Choice from three predefined block sets.
  • Varying pit size: from a miniscule 3x3x5 to the giant 7x7x18, every size is adjustable.
  • Bottom shadow of the block eases block positioning and targeting.
  • In addition to on screen statistics, the are: your score, top score, level progress, and battery status bars.
  • Side view on the glass with the falling block inside.
  • Block shadows on the side walls.
  • Control the game with the stylus or the keys.
  • Practice with the pressure-free practice mode.
  • Practice mode plus extended block set in the huge pit becomes a Soma packing puzzle.
  • Starting speed is selected by player.
  • Record your top score and challenge yourself and your friends to beat it.
  • Get help with and easy built in help option.


The goal of the game is to move and rotate the blocks so that they drop in a desirable pattern on the bottom of the pit. If a certain level of the pit is all filled with blocks, it disappears and the level on top of it drop down. If the blocks pile up to the top of the pit, the game ends. The objective is to gain the greatest amount of points while at the same time dealing with the increasing falling speed of the blocks.


The score in Pocket 3D Blockstm is calculated based upon several basic principles. Firstly, the player gets a small amount of points when a block lands on the bottom of the pit. The more complex the block, the more score the player gets. In addition, if the player drops the block down, the awarded points increase. Factors like current level also affect the awarded points. The levels automatically increase as more blocks drop (you can check your level progress with the red bar). Finally, clearing a level of the pit awards you more score and clearing the pit completely gives you a high amount of points. Therefore, to get the best score, drop the blocks down when you can and clear as many levels as you can.

From the developers

This version was thoroughly optimized for minimum size. We did our best to make the game as small as possible to save valuable space on your PDA. To this end, we decided to exclude fancy graphics that you'll rarely see. We think that you know better than us how to utilize the limited space on your pocket device.

If you like it, don't forget to show it to your friends. We hope that you have as much fun playing it as we had making it


Windows Mobile 6,Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 2003, Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC 2000, Casio Pocket Manager BE-300.

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